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Winter in the Poconos

Wintertime fun is a big part of what Pocono is all about, that special trip, the exciting activities and most of all, the overall experiences that you have when you are outdoors and enjoying nature. What ever your passion, you will be able to explore it during your Poconos vacation and live life to the fullest.

Some people want to try activities for the first time and some are seasoned pro’s at their activity of choice, either way, the Pocono Mountains is the place to start. With eight different ski areas providing amazing downhill or scenic cross-country skiing and fully equipped rental shops, it is a real pleasure and you should make sure you adventure to more then one. Snowboarding is a great alternative, the half pipes are fantastic and with over 185 slopes and 163 ski trails to investigate (for all levels of skill), the pure enjoyment is yours for the taking. Snowmobiling trails and snowshoeing, ice skating, snow tubing and tobogganing are always favorites.

Feel the need to try dog sledding? You can do that here in Pocono. Want to just sit back and relax? Then a sleigh ride, enjoying the scenery is just what you need. Pocono rentals are packed with beautiful and breathe taking views, cozy fireplaces with a crackling fire to get warm by and to enjoy when you are not having a blast outdoors and foods that will warm your heart and your mind. Pocono offers a wide variety of accommodations from bed & breakfasts to country inns, hotels, motels, Pocono rental properties, luxurious resorts or cottages.

Bald eagle watching is an exciting venture especially for those families with children. The bald eagles are majestic and beautiful and to see them in close proximity is a really special experience. The Pocono Mountains are the perfect habitat for the eagles, providing all their needs so that they may thrive, especially through the winter months. The best time to see the eagle is December through to March and show up to particular spots for running water or to hunt. There are many different types of birds, so if you are in the mood to go bird watching, this is the ideal place to do so.

The woodlands are absolutely as close to nature as you can get. Peace and tranquility are the background noises of the Pocono Mountains and the woodlands. Allow yourself to go for a relaxing hike through some of the park land and see for yourself why the Mountains are so special in so many ways.  Photographers are drawn to the picturesque landscapes and wildlife, the scenery is always changing, not only with the weather but of the natural beauty that is highlighted with each passing moment of the day, as the sun rises and falls. For the hunting enthusiast, there is nothing like hunting in the Pocono Mountains. With an abundance of game including deer, fox, black bear, coyote, raccoon, wild turkeys, pheasants, ruffed grouse, mallards, rabbits and groundhogs to name a few, you are sure to spot something during your outing.

There are some permits available for hunting bobcats. With thousands of acres to hunt in, it is the ideal place to set your mark. There are a whole slew of festivals and events that take place during the wintertime (and all year long) in Pocono and some with a holiday spirit, a very enjoyable experience for all.

If you want to take a break from your outside activities, then why not consider a bit of shopping in some of the downtown districts that provide a bit of something for everyone, or slip into a restaurant to sample some of the local flavors. The boutiques and specialty stores, craft stores and antique shops all provide an excellent venue for any Christmas shopping you may have to do. If you are looking for a unique gift idea for any holiday or function, then you are sure to find it in the local shops. The antique shops have many unique and special pieces that are vintage and some from the Victorian period. The art galleries are exquisite and full of interesting items that are sure to leave you with a new appreciation of art and artists.

There are many venues for Pocono dinning, from romantic to fine dinning to gourmet. The local pubs provide another outlet for the sports minded or just to socialize with friends.
Dance clubs are another venue that will pass the night away with the fun of kicking up your feet and listening to popular music. There are musicians that play the soulful sounds of jazz and the blues, treating your ears to amazing music. The Poconos is packed with a rich history and culture and there are many places to visit to experience the past. There are museums, galleries and Native American craft shops, you can experience the history of the railroad or the coal mines.
There is a farm that displays and acts out life in the 1800’s so as to get a feel for what people would have been like back then and the hardships they had to face daily.

Take a trip to a theater or playhouse if you are in a more artful mood, maybe for a live performance Broadway style. There are wineries and breweries for taste testing and culinary classes for those who wish to hone in on their skills in the kitchen or learn how to use certain kitchen gadgets. Coming to the Poconos for your vacation is more then just a few days off from you’re everyday busy life, it is a serene experience, to capture the true essence of a better way of life, even if it is just for a few days.

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