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Top 5 Poconos Skiing Areas

You are strapped into your ski’s, all geared up and ready to step onto the white powder. The sky is sunny and it is not too cold and just before you lower your poles into the snow to push off down the most exciting hill you have ever seen you glance at the scenery as it is beautiful. You push off and immediately feel your speed picking up and as far as you can see is how long your hill is. You take a deep breath and just as you are tightening your stance, you come face to face with your boss wanting to know where his report is.

It does not have to be a daydream because those hills do exist at Pocono Mountains among other slopes and trails to entice and thrill all levels of skier’s. The only thing you have to decide on your Pocono getaway is what you want to ski the most. Are you an intense and skilled skier or a beginner? Do you want to get busy with snow boarding? Or are you going to try to snow tube?
No matter what you decide, you need to do it in the Pocono Mountains.

There are professionals providing lessons available for those that are new at skiing and Pocono rental shops and facilities to provide you with everything you need at all of the ski areas and resorts.

A very important aspect to know when deciding which Pocono Mountain ski area you want to visit is some of the history that is involved here as 3 specific historic events took place.

The first ski area to be designed in the Pocono Mountains was Big Boulder Ski Area in 1949 and was the first commercial ski resort in Pennsylvania. This came about because of the coal that was being sent into Philadelphia via the very first iron wire suspension bridge.

In 1957 John Guresh perfected the patent on the first snow making machine and was using it at Big Boulder. In 1972 the Jack Frost Ski Resort was built with innovative designs and well thought out ideas that spawned from Big Boulder and is a companion to Big Boulder.

For the skier that wants to hit something more serious and in the skilled skier range you will want to visit the Jack Frost Ski area. It has the most expert trails and a lot of intermediate and a few for beginners. Lift tickets can be used from Jack Frost at Big Boulder as it provides more beginner-level trails.
Jack Frost Mountain has a base elevation of 1,400 feet and a summit elevation of 2,000 feet and a vertical drop of 600 feet, 21 different slopes and 2 terrain parks. For your pleasure there are 9 lifts, 6 doubles, 2 triples and 1 quad making for a day of amazing skiing.

If you want even more trails then Blue Mountain Ski Area is just the ticket for you. It has 39 slopes that will blow your mind as they have been created for those that love stunts and speed.
For the skilled skier, why not try the 3,000 foot long, double black diamond trail for a real challenge?
But everyone is covered at Blue Mountain as there is no end to the size of Blue Mountain or the variety of Pocono activities that it offers. Need a break from skiing? Then you can go tubing or snowboarding and continue your day playing in the snow. At Blue Mountain, they take making the snow very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that it’s the powder that you want.

There are some parks for intermediate and beginners that you will want to check out at Blue Mountain such as Burma Road and Lazy Mile and Come Around. For something really different for the intermediate skier, try Sidewinder Park where the wide layout and new snow machines keep the powder consistent and with wild jabs, cheese wedges and long trails this place will have you loving skiing more then you do now.

If you are traveling in from New Jersey or New York, then why not give the very close Shawnee Mountain a try? This is an excellent skiing area for intermediate skiers and fantastic snow and grooming for your 23 slope adventure. The slopes at Shawnee are one of a kind as they boast amazing lift capacity so you will get in a full day, no matter how busy it is. There is a snow tubing park that provides 6 chutes for those that do not want to ski or snow board off these incredible slopes.
The longest trail here is 5,100 feet and the exciting terrain parks have a sound system, wall ride, stairs, rails and rollers with boxes and spines. The lifts are 1 high speed detachable quad, 1 quad, 4 double and 4 carpets.

For the ultimate variety in trails then you need to visit the Camelback Mountain Resort. They have 34 trails and slopes and with recent upgrades your experience here is will unforgettable. This resort has night sky lighting so that you do not have to stop your skiing fun as the sun sets. All trails are lit up so you can have the ultimate experience at Camelback Mountain. Of course there is a snow tubing park and this is the choice of many that come with the whole family. Kids and adults alike all find Camelback Mountain packed full of fun and adventure.

With so many choices at hand there is always something for everyone during your Pocono vacation. Each resort provides all the necessities you will need for your winter fun-filled adventures and being surrounded by all of the beauty of the Pocono Mountains, why would you consider vacationing anywhere else?

So close your office door and lean back, close your eyes and imagine yourself gliding down a beautifully powdered slope and picture the most perfect day and that will be the preliminary to your visit to the Pocono Mountains.

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