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Things to do on a Rainy Day in the Poconos

During your Poconos getaway, you may find yourself peering out of the window and looking at raindrops that may normally put a damper on your Pocono activities, but do not despair, it is just another great opportunity to explore all that Pocono has to offer for indoor activities and enjoyment.

With access to a plethora of things to see and do, you will not have any time to spare with all of the functions that go on inside of the countless venues that you can visit in the region.
The area is so rich in history and culture and there are cultural tours and art exhibitions, festivals, live music and a lot of different foods to experience.

There is also a massive indoor water park should you be inclined to want to spend the day having family fun on the waterslides or investigate the interactive tree house water fort, or splash around in the wave pool, the fun would be non-stop at this spot.

The Mount Airy Casino Resort is also a favorite among many visitors, with electronic gaming and slot machine’s, it is hopefully a productive way for you to pass the day.

Art Galleries are in abundance in Pocono, stop and take a look at artists and performing artists.
Milford is known for hosting musical events and fall film festivals, but also thrives with all of its galleries, restaurants, shops and nearby historic sites.

Honesdale is exquisite and has quaint downtown boutiques and railroad tours as Honesdale is “The Birthplace of the American Railroad”.

You can also go to the glass museum which is a rare treat or the Wildlife Sanctuary for an additional relaxing day. Stroudsburg offers fine dinning, gourmet and romantic dinning and the unique shops is where you will be astonished at their charm and elegance.

The Jim Thorpe district is also a fantastic place to visit for the Victorian history, as there are museums and a culture center, or go for a ride on the Lehigh Valley Scenic Railway.
Take a tour of the No.9 Mine and Museum and experience what things were like back in history, or have a bite to eat in the train car diner or just have a sip of brew at the Café.

Browsing is great in the boutiques, antique shops, specialty shops and craft stores and are common place for visitors as there is such a diversity on offer here. And with access to flea markets and farm markets, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

All of the downtown districts are rich and lush with authentic architecture that is so eye appealing, that aspiring photographers spend a lot of time just experiencing and taking in the amazing sites and trying to capture it in a picture.

Pocono dinning is an experience all in itself, with culinary flavors that awaken the senses and please even the fussiest palette. A great place to add to your itinerary if you have children is the Pocono Environmental Education Center which provides information on the region, nature, species of animals and many other activities. The Pocono Indian Museum is also a big hit for all ages and is rich with Native American shops. If you listen carefully, you may just hear some music playing in the area as the Deer Head Inn is known for its spectacular live jazz music and also features many performers from all over.

Some of the local playhouses put on dinner and a show and is a wonderful dinning experience to remember and the theaters are really stunning and every experience is one to be savored.

The Go-Kart track is yet just another adventure that you could try your hand at if you have a “need for speed” streak in you or the kids need to vent some of their energy.
Mentioning the family, why not jump into a paintball game at the Live Fire Paintball and really see who the boss is.

Feel the need to just take a break and relax? Then why not try one of the day spas and let yourself be pampered, you are, after all, on vacation. There is yoga classes and fitness clubs, many styles of massage, wraps and scrubs. Acupressure in water is a completely unique experience all in itself that the spas also provide.

Or, you can take a walk on the wild side and step into the Claw’s “N” Paws Wild Animal Park where you can actually pet and feed some of the animals, another educational outing for the kids or just the enjoyment of being around animals for your self.

If you check with the Calendar of Events, there is always something going on, all year round for points of interest and entertainment. Tours taken by train or trolley are a less physical way to sight see the most amazing and beautiful areas around Pocono.

A truly unique experience is taking advantage of the Pocono Mountains cooking or baking classes to enhance or upgrade your already existing skills in the kitchen. There are many classes to choose from and having fun while tasting new foods is always a delight to the palette. If you are interested in learning how to use a variety of kitchen gadgets, then there is a class for that as well.

Poconos wineries and breweries make for a relaxing destination and compliment your introduction to many different foods. Take a tour of any of the wineries or breweries that are located across the region and you will be glad you did. The tasting rooms are exactly the introduction to new flavors that you should experience while on your Pocono getaway.

At night, Pocono comes to life in a different way, the musicians and Broadway-like musicals are just a couple of ways you can spend an evening. The dance clubs and bars are alive and waiting for you to enjoy. Sports oriented people can step into the sports bars and watch a game or just be surrounded by like-minded people. There is no shortage in Pocono of variety, things to see and do when Mother Nature is not co-operating.

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