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The Jim Thorpe Biking Experience

At the base of the scenic Pocono Mountains next to the Lehigh River in Beautiful eastern central Pennsylvania is the Town of Jim Thorpe. Mountains surround the town so everywhere you look is a scenic mountain view. The History of Jim Thorpe is rich. Lumber harvested from these mountains helped build the nation and the coal mined from here powered much of it during the industrial revolution. Some of the wealthiest people in Americas History have lived here. The Poconos have always been a tourist destination as far back as the settling of the country.

The Jim Thorpe Experience is a guide service that will offer you historic adventure tours around the town of Jim Thorpe and throughout the Poconos. The Jim Thorpe Experience offers so many things to do it would take more than a week to experience them all. They have put together day tours so you can break your fun down into things that are important to you.

From walking tours, hiking and biking to kayaking, there is a historic adventure waiting for you and your group.

For the avid biker looking for some historic adventure, come and experience the Full Day Lehigh Gorge Trail Ride – Canals and Trains.

This tour will take you through 25 miles of the Lehigh Gorge Trail, focusing on the history of the Lehigh canal and railroad.  You will stop at historic spots along the canal, such as the Historic Packer mansion, built by railroad magnate Asa Packer. The trail will also take you deep into the wilderness and let you explore long abandoned mines in the area.

There is also a half day tour of this same trail if time is limited. You can rent your bike and gear for all of your adventures directly from Jim Thorpe Experience. Contact them for reservations and all other info you need to make you historic adventure a reality.


The Jim Thorpe Experience-Biking
37 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA  18229

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