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Seasonal Activities in the Poconos

It’s the planning stage of your Poconos vacation and you are wondering which time of the year is best to go to the Poconos Mountains. This is a difficult decision for many people as each of the seasons is brimming with excitement and so many things to do and explore. Your Pocono getaway should always consider what your favorite activities would be and that will help you to decide.

The weather in the Poconos during the spring season is filled with everything anew and fresh. This is usually when those who love to adventure in the outdoors feels the best. Try to imagine the winter’s frost just becoming a memory and you are able to experience the beautiful movement of water, whether it be the waterfalls, the creeks, the rivers or the lakes, the movement of the beginning of warmer days ahead and sunshine. Foliage comes to life, stretching from a long winter’s slumber as does the wildlife and the buds of trees and the hint of gardens with blossoming blooms. The venues available to you are endless, the outdoor activities are in full swing waiting for you to step up and begin your journey. You can go mountain biking along beautiful trails or hiking to be able to absorb all that your eyes can take in (especially if you love photography) or how about golfing? For those that love the idea of taking advantage of the water why not try fishing or canoeing or whitewater rafting or kayaking. There are festivals and mouthwatering foods and shopping waiting for you when you want to slow down just enough to catch your breath.

If the summer season is what calls to you, then you will enjoy every minute of the Pocono Mountains. The summer holds a special place in the hearts of many that visit here during the summer, everything is in bloom and no matter where you go, the smile of the sun also reflects on people’s faces. The fun parks, alive with waterslides and swimming, picnics by a waterfall and many attractions are just a sliver of the pie that awaits you. There are summer theaters and concerts and museums and country fairs. You will relish in the available wines, foods and live music and enjoy walks along the different downtown districts, the boutiques, antique and specialty shops will satisfy your “window shopping” needs. Visit the Pocono Raceway to catch a live Nascar race or get yourself geared up for some camping. Why not go on a historic train ride? The possibilities are endless in the summer months.

Now, if the fall season is your favorite time of year for cool breezes and the beginning of the autumn colors is what takes your fancy, then you will be astounded at the colors that Mother Nature can provide. Close your eyes and paint a picture in your mind of all the colors that you can imagine that take place during the fall in such a one of a kind place such as the Pocono Mountains. Now, bring that picture in your mind with you when you come to the Poconos and see just how much more Mother Nature amplifies your picture. With so many things to do in fall that can be done during the spring and summer but with the absence of the hot sun or chilly days.
A relaxing hayride for example, be able to soak in all the beauty that your eyes are seeing and relax and enjoy being escorted around as they did back in the 1800’s. Or just take a drive around to see all of the functions that occur during the fall, either inside the different towns or out in the country, in the Mountains or near the Lakes. Pocono rentals of a hot air balloon ride to see the Pocono Mountains from a totally different vantage point is breathtaking during the fall.
Are you still in the mood for golfing? Or maybe the whole reason of your vacation is to go to the arts and craft fairs, flea markets and other shopping venues so that you can find those little treasures that are not found anywhere else. The local Artisans are truly a wonder with all of their handcrafted wares.

Are you the sort of person that only goes on vacation in the winter season so that you can roll around in the snow? Do you see the snow as a blanket of adventure, adrenalin and an all out blast? Well, you NEED to come to the Poconos then, as the winter sports are so plentiful that you will wonder where to start first. You can have your pick and choose of eight different ski areas that are tailored to suit all levels of skiers. Cross country skiing and downhill, snowshoeing and snowboarding (awesome half-pipes) ….do it all. The trails are amazing, through woodlands and scenic areas you will lose track of time completely as you wander around and take in all the beauty. Ever want to know what dog sledding was like? You can do that here too. Miss your old snowmobile or ever wish you had one? Yep, you can have access to the big boy toys. There is ice skating and tobogganing and sleigh riding (a fantastic activity for children to experience) and so much more and yes, snow angels seem to pop up everywhere. One of the best things to do after a day chalked-filled with exploration, adventure and excitement, is to sit by a crackling fireplace, warming your face, fingers and toes and sip on a steaming hot cup of delicious cocoa. The Inns and Bed & Breakfast’s are so quaint all year around but the wintertime adds such a great atmosphere for its country charm and style and the relaxation that you seek, with homemade foods and warmth of caring keepers. If you are looking for amazing and unique Christmas gifts, then a bit of shopping is in order while in the Poconos (in between all that winter fun of course).

So as you can see, anytime of the year is perfect for a Pocono getaway.

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