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Poconos Summer Outdoor Activities

Summertime, is there any better time of year or anywhere better to spend those warm and sunshine filled days other then in the Pocono Mountains?

Probably not because anything your heart desires can be found during your Pocono vacation as the different regions play host to such a vast amount of activities, that everyone’s wants and needs are fulfilled.
Whether you are on vacation with your family or with a friend or spouse or just yourself, the quantity of ways you can spend those summer days seems endless. Where do you want to start?

Planning your trip to the Poconos with where you are going to stay and in what area (as the Pocono Mountain region is quite enormous) and who is coming along with you are a good place to start. Once you have that organized, then you can leave the rest because you will want to see everything and do everything once you have arrived.

With access to lakes and winding rivers, amazing woodlands, exciting mountain terrains and waterfalls there are enough water sports to keep you busy outdoors in the sunshine.

You can go fishing or hunting if that is the adventure you want to experience. If you are more into actual water sports then hang onto your bathing cap because as we outline all of the activities available to you, your cap may come off in the current of information.

Whitewater rafting is not for the faint of heart, but for those who wish to give it a try or for seasoned rafters, it is a thrill that you will not soon forget. Your heart pounding moments, the spray of water that touches your face and keeps you alert and the scenery that goes rushing by, now THIS is summertime fun!

Canoeing is another fantastic and relaxed way to enjoy being on the water. It is at your pace so paddle along and enjoy all the natural beauty of your surroundings.
Or try Kayaking, it is loads of fun and the giggles just won’t stop if you are not too good at balancing.

Boating is a favorite among many people as it allows for exploration and calm water and so much fun jammed packed into a boat and a day. Pocono rentals are suited to meet every budget, so cast off and have an amazing time! Or go for a dinner cruise, amazing sensation while eating dinner, gliding along and the scenery changes.

Sailing anyone? You can do that here and you can water ski if that is your sport of choice. Or did you want to try jet skiing? Yes, you can do that too.

NASCAR FANS!! Need we say any more? Catching a race live at Pocono International Raceway is an experience that you will want to do during your entire vacation. The “edge of your seat” action, there is nothing like taking in a race.

Want to race yourself? Hit the Go Karting track and have a blast racing around.

Are you into hiking? Does having over 261 miles of trails excite you? Then Poconos it is, for all the trails are lined with the best wildlife and scenery that you can get anywhere else. The woodlands are lush and the peacefulness and tranquility are forever lasting, as long as your legs hold out.

The Poconos is Golfer’s heaven, yes that is right HEAVEN. With access to over 35 courses you will never be let down with the superb venues. There is a course to suit every needs 18-hole, 9-hole, 27-hole course and private clubs, fantastic elevation, best grass and facilities that are out of this world. Not to mention the background scenery of some of the most beautiful mountains you have ever seen.

Love horses? There are numerous horseback trail-riding throughout the Pocono Mountains region and hay rides too. Take in the majestic beauty of all the woodlands and views that are spectacular.

Still thinking about the water but not really a boat-of-any-kind-of-person? Well the water parks will take care of that for you. With swimming and slides and wave pools, you can spend a fun day in the sun and just splash around until your hearts content.
Or, you can take a tube ride down a winding river.

The play parks are a great way to let the kids just freak out and go and go and go until they are spent and worn out. They will love all the little activities and play things to go on.
Speaking of the kids, why not check out Claws “N” Paws Wild Animal Park for some crazy fun and learning about wild animals?

Live Fire Paintball is usually a favorite with teens and adults and a really good venue to expel some of that energy.

If you are into biking then Mountain biking on trails is one great way to get out on your own and just push forward and experience Mother Nature in all her splendor.

A game of tennis anyone?

There are ethnic festivals and food and wine and beer tasting and summer theaters and 4th of July fireworks.

Live music everywhere to get your feet moving and your voice into gear with different sounds and styles, jazz, rock, pop, reggae, country and just about anything else in between.

Hot balloon rides are especially fun since you get to see the Pocono Mountains at a vantage point to encompass all the beauty as far as your eyes can see.

Camping is a super way to take your time during your Poconos getaway, experience all that the Poconos offers and at a pace that you control.

Arts and craft fairs are exciting during the summer, all of the Artisans handmade items and homemade foods and preservatives and artistic paintings will have you coming back over and over. This is especially great for those hard to buy for people as the items offered here are unique and one of a kind.

The Farmers Market is another absolutely great way to spend the day, homemade baked goods and jams, jellies and butters. There are handmade items and foods that will tempt your taste buds through your eyes.

So as you can see, there is no limit as to what you can do in the summertime in the Poconos, you are only restricted by your imagination.


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