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Live Theater Options in the Poconos

The Pocono Mountains have been successful in getting your creative juices flowing and giving you the urge to see a live performance at one of the many Theaters.

We have put together some very interesting venue ideas for you so that you can explore more then one venue on your Poconos vacation. You should never limit yourself when trying to explore the arts, there is so much out there to experience and savor and no 2 performances are alike.
In history, performers used to express artistic interest on sidewalks and other places because theaters did not exist. Even to this day, street performers are interesting to watch, but the experience is not the same when you are seated in a theater that has amazing acoustic ability and the essence of a theater in its entirety.

The Cooperage Project is located in Honesdale and provides many different options for your entertainment. From live performances in music, theater, dance and literature readings to learning opportunities like workshops and training and classes. So this is a very versatile venue for those that interests go outside of the usual watching of a performance.
Even if you are just interested in getting to know the inner workings of a theater, this is a very educational way to spend time in Honesdale.

The Sherman Theater located in Stroudsburg the Sherman Theater was built in the 1920’s and has that distinct aura of the past but is equipped to handle any of today’s largest shows. Everything you could possibly want is on site, a full bar and a spectacular restaurant with delicious foods. The acoustics in the theater always astounds and delights its visitors as is the comfort during performances.

The Shawnee Playhouse is located in Shawnee and is known for amazing performances with hit Broadway musicals and prize winning dramas. There are special events and children’s theater which makes for a very interesting visit. You will not soon forget your experience at the Shawnee Playhouse.

The Ritz Company Playhouse located in Hawley is a host to Comedians and live Broadway musicals. Hand in hand with some local businesses (accommodations) the Ritz Company Playhouse will provide packages that include a visit to see a live performance to compliment your dinner.

Penn’s Peak located in Jim Thorpe district is known for its diversity of shows to suit any taste. This premier venue offers you the best in National acts (everything from country music to rock) and provide luncheon and dinner shows at the themed Roadies Restaurant. The scenery is flat out amazing with views of the Appalachian Mountains all around you and close by is the gorgeous Beltzville Lake. There is a open deck for those summer nights and a dance floor for those who just want to kick up their heels.

The Mount located in Tamiment is full of energy and entertainment. They pride themselves on their summer concert series and maintain a high level of world renowned musicians. The eclectic line ups are so full of music that it just moves you to want to dance, everything from reggae to pop to alternative, rockabilly, blues, rock and folk so there is always something for everyone. The mount boasts having the best music and the best time anywhere in the Poconos.

The Mauch Chunk Opera House is located in the Jim Thorpe district and is an architectural marvel with Victorian heritage and built in 1882. Cultural events and live performances are so enjoyable that many keep returning for the experience. Music lovers and theater lovers choose the Mauch Chunk Opera House simply for the overall experience of the performances, the acoustics and the feeling they have during performances.

The Black Bear Festival is held in Milford at the Historic Milford Theater and is Pennsylvania’s Premier Independent Film Festivals. There are classics and dramas and documentaries. In October each year, the Black Bear Film Festival will show a dozen exceptional features during the festival starting with the Oscar-winning Cinema Paradiso.

The Mountain Laurel Pocono Mountains Performing Arts Center is an amazing amphitheater for outdoor concerts that are truly fantastic to watch and being outdoors and experiencing live performances is a real treat while you are on your Poconos getaway.


Experiencing a live theater performance is like nothing you have experienced before because it is larger then life and thrilling to watch. You will have a new found respect for those that perform with so much skill and talent and that you were able to catch the performance while on your Poconos getaway.

If you have never attended live theater before, then allow us to paint you a picture.

It is art brought to life, whether the art is imagined or real, it is performed in front of an audience in an appropriate setting. The performers express the story or the art through music, body gestures, speech or a dance. Sometimes props and stagecraft are used to assist in capturing the essence of what is trying to be portrayed to the audience.

Stagecraft is the technical side of video, film and theatrical performances that is used to assist with things such as hanging scenery, lighting, makeup and costumes, recording and mixing sounds and basically executing anything that is required for the portrayal of a production. A stage manager is usually the one in charge of the stagecraft so that not too many people are trying to depict an artist’s vision.
In larger productions, such as a Broadway musical, there can be hundreds of people in charge of stagecraft as you now have painters, electricians, wig designers and so much more.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into a performance and once you attend a theater and watch a performance you will have a better understanding of the elements that are used for a particular performance.

Modern-day theaters do still pull from the original Greek dramas sometimes as this is where theater began. The word “theater” derives from the Greek word theatron “a place for viewing”.

All of the local theaters also give local aspiring actors the ability to partake in performances and giving them a solid start to which they may have a career further down the road.


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