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Harmony ATV Tours

If you want to learn to drive an ATV, now is your chance to have some fun. These trail and four-wheel experts teach riders as young as 12 years old. Quad drivers with more experience can treat themselves to a rip through Pennsylvania’s beautiful forestry. These excursions are perhaps most attractive during the popular fall foliage months in the Keystone State, and their customers agree.

Harmony ATV Tours boasts a solid reputation. Previous customers have very positive things to say about their experiences with this company. Riders of all ages and skill levels seem to enjoy themselves here.

Harmony ATV Tours Details

Harmony ATV tours is inside of Split Rock Resort. The ATV experts instruct beginner riders are on safety fundamentals and how to properly handle the vehicle. There are 400 hundred acres of dirt on the property, with each path containing fun and unique challenges at varying difficulties. Beginners who do not feel comfortable going their own way on the trails can request a side by side ride along. This will give the newbie peace of mind while still getting that trail riding experience.

You cannot wear sandals on your ATV ride, as closed-toe footwear is mandatory. Quad riding instructors recommend wearing boots. If you want to keep your clothing from getting dirty, don’t wear it when go you go on your ATV tour. You can and likely will get muddy time traveling at faster speeds on the dirt trails.

There is a $50 dollar deposit due for each ATV that you and your party plan to ride. Before driving any ATV, you must sign a waiver and a vehicle damage agreement. There are various pricing options available for the number of people in your group and the kind of ATV riding experience you want. Call for details or check out their Facebook page.

100 Moseywood Rd

Lake Harmony, PA 18624

(570) 350 – 1444

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