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Delaware State Forest

There are 20 state forest districts in Pennsylvania with an abundance of biking opportunities to choose from. Some of the trail opportunities are listed below. For a comprehensive list call them or visit the website.

The Bald Eagle Forest District is located in the ridge and valley section of the state. It is named for the famous Indian, Chief Bald Eagle. This district offers over 300 miles of trails to bike, hike and explore.

If you find yourself in Pike, Northampton or Monroe County and feel the need for speed on two wheels, visit the Delaware State Forest. Here there are over 80,000 acres of lush forest, stunning views, pristine rivers and lakes and numerous trails to explore them all.
Lackawanna, meaning ‘Place where the River Forks’ State Forest, has over 27,000 acres of mountains and forest to ride and hike.

Michaux State Forest, named after Andre Michaux, the French botanist who discovered many plants in the 18th century, has over 85,000 acres on the South Mountain.  The forest is filled with bike and hiking trails with amazing scenery and wildlife to make your trip well worth it.

There are 265,000 acres of forest land in Potter, Clinton and Mckean counties that was once heavily inhabited by the Susquehannock tribe. This forest is named after them and here you will ride through historic logging camps and explore the ‘Big Woods’ where deer is plentiful.
Rothrock State Forest is a smoky ridge filled mountain with nearly 97,000 acres of stunning outdoor beauty. Named after Dr. Joseph Trimble Rothrock, the Farther of Pennsylvanian Forestry, you’ll find remote trails for bikers of every skill level.

There are many more state forest biking opportunities throughout the state of Pennsylvania and local places to stay and eat near all of them.

Delaware State Forest-Biking
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